Q. How do I pay you?

A. Payments can only be made once an Account activation on our E-Store is setup or via establishing a Business account with us subject to credit check.


Q. What form of Payment do you accept?

A. We accept Credit card payments, direct deposit and cheques (Business accounts only).


Q. Do I need to get a return authorization number before returning goods?

A. Yes – for Returns you need to contact us via email or call to get an RA number before credited or exchanged.


Q. Where are you based and do you supply other states?

A. We are based in Victoria, but we do distributed Australia wide.


Q. Are your staff qualified in Orthotics & Prosthetics?

A. Yes, our sales staff are trained P&O professionals offering advice and guidance for customers needs.


Q. Do you provide warranty on your goods?

A. Warranty is based on the following: Sports braces per season of chosen sport. Medical braces 6 months from the date of purchased based on clinical applications & treatment. Braces should be fitted by healthcare professionals.


Q. What are you service agreements.

A. Lead time on most goods is 3-5 days depending on type of brace order and stock availabilities.


Q. What are your operating hours?

A. We operate 9am to 5pm weekdays except public holidays & weekends.


Q. Do you provide tracking and insurance on goods sent?

A. Yes – all our goods are covered by transport warranty & tracking is provided.


Q. What if I am after a brace you currently do not supply?

A. We have network connections with many other distributors in the Allied Health Industry and in most cases can source the item for you or provide their contact details.



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