For Australia’s trusted online supplier of ankle braces, choose the Allied Health Group

Offering the ankle joint comprehensive support while playing sport, the PSB ankle brace is second to none. Intelligent band construction effectively stops the see-saw motion of the ankle (Inversion). The brace does not hinder movements in ambulation. The brace contours and fits well to the lower foot and allows it to fit well in sports shoes. It also combines with shin pads for soccer & football.

The PSB ANKLE is available for both left and right ankles. For the correct size, measure the entire circumference of the instep, across the instep and around the back of the heel as illustrated below.


  • In the event of ankle instability
  • To prevent repeated lateral ankle ligament injury
  • To support the ankle recovery following injury of surgery

With over 25 years’ experience in orthotics and medical devices, Allied Health Group offers Australia-wide delivery on a range of sports injuries support options, from hinged knee braces to thumb braces and more. Browse online or contact us for more information today.